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Terms of Service

This article defines the rights of the contributors, the copyrihgts of the different content of eosya, and the limits of use of this content.

By accessing or using eosya, you agree to all those terms. The connection to this website can be made directly by typing the URL address or by clicking any links that brings you to this website. Do not use this website if you do not agree with these terms of service.

Eosya can update these terms ofnservice at any time and without warning.

1. Disclaimer

The user comes to the site www.eosya.com under his sole responsibility. Eosya does not guaranty the accuracy of the content provided through its website. The content on eosya may contains mistakes, or may be outdated. The user is solely responsible for the use made of this content, and so whatever the resuting damages are.

2. Intellectual Property and Copyright

Collective work

The content of eosya is called “collective work” in regard of the Article L113-2 of the French Code of intellectual property. This content includes all data, text, images, photos in the sections "guides" or "topos" of each activities. The eosya Association has initiated this work and allows its publication in his name. Each individual contribution in the elaboration of a guide for any activity becomes confondu in this guide. The authors of these contributions cannot be assigned a separate right in the collective work.

Publication's right

By adding content (geo-data, texts, images, ...) to eosya, the user authorizes eosya to use and publish this content by any means, any medium and any known or unknown format to date. This authorization is valid for the whole world, and for the duration of intellectual property, and will be royalty free. Eosya may use this content in a number of different ways, including, copyingit, pubicly performing of displayingit, reformatting it, modifying it, translating it, creating derivative works from it...

Eosya decides on its own whether to publish the contributions received or not. Contributions may be retained online or deleted at any time.

3. Acceptable content

Any contribution from a user cannot contain information from a third party source unless the user has express permission from the copyright owner. The contributions must also respect human rights, the right to privacy and the right to human dignity. The user will be criminally responsible and / or financially in case of appeal that would result from his contributions.

4. Links

Eosya includes links to other websites or applications. Since we do not control or endorse any of those websites. The user agree that we are not responsible for the availability or contents of such websites, and use them at their own risk.

Links redirecting to any page of the site www.eosya.com are allowed and even highly recommended. But again, eosya has no control over these websites where you can find these links, and then may not under any circumstances assume any liability for the content of these websites.

5. Juridiction

In case of a conflict with eosya, the applicable law is the french law. We also ask any user perceiving a breach of these terms and conditions to inform us.

For any question relating to these Terms of Use, you can contact us via the contact page.