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Frequently Asked Questions

eosya, what is that?

In a nutshell, it is a website based on a map. Isn’t this simple? Imagine, you are at your parents-in-law, a place you do not know so well, as you obviously do everything you can not to go there. But this time, you couldn’t avoid it... Your only chance left, find a climbing area, a hike, or something else to do close-by... and you will be able to escape. Connecting to eosya, with just one glance, you will know what activities you can do outside any place you might be on earth.

What do I find on eosya?

It is a collaborative website, so you will basically find what you and everybody else put there. As simple as that! At first, hikes, without any restriction of difficulty, elevation, or localization, as well as single-pitch climbing areas, going from the fully-equipped sport climbing route, where the rock is actually crumbling under the weight of all bolts and pins, to the trad-climbing style route, where you never have the correct nut to secure this awful hard move. In a near future, all outdoor activities will be covered by eosya You will then get the opportunity to log and retrieve guiding information for mountaineering, biking, kayaking, skiing, paragliding, canyoneering... and whatever else you want, as long as it takes place outside and is as natural as possible! In the end, social capabilities will also be added to the users personal spaces, and you will have the possibility to suggest evolution to the website, that will be studied with interest.


Regarding the hiking module, you will find on eosya the trace drawn on your preferred background (Google map, google earth, openstreetmap...), the elevation profile of the hike, pictures, indications to correctly follow the way, and best periods to go.


Regarding the rock-climbing module, you will find on eosya route descriptions, pictures, indications on access ways, on the type of climbing, the equipment... Everything that will enable you to enjoy yourself in these climbing shoes that make your feet hurt so bad, because for this we will never be able to do anything!

Isn't it too complicated to enter all this?

The first time you will share a hike or a climbing route, you will probably find this a bit cumbersome. That we won't deny. A bit like when you go out for the first time with brand new shoes, or like climbing on granite when you are used to limestone. On the hiking module, your work will be eased by pre-existing data such as footpaths already registered by other users, or free-access data. You will then need to describe the main steps of your hike, which will be – once again – eased by the fact that you can (and you should) use typical existing indications that will be suggested to you. Regarding the climbing module, you will have to upload a picture of the cliff and you will be able to draw the route on it. The tools developed will make it easier and quicker for you every time you enter new pieces of information.

Aren't we going to get lost with all these activities?

This is adventure, right ? And why would you get lost, when you have a map on almost every web-page of the site? The site is based on activity modules. This will allow you to select the ones that interest you first, as well as to discover what can be done in all activities directly from the main page.